Shaving a Cat

I was complaining to my family about giving Sarah showers each morning.  She wears Depends at night and each morning the diapers are soaked.  I need to give her a shower before school starts and I always seem to get drenched as I try to wash her.  I think I get wetter than she does!  I was trying to explain to them the impossible task of shaving my daughter’s armpits.

“It’s like shaving a cat!” and while I have never shaved a cat and since my husband works in the animal welfare industry and such actions would be greatly frowned upon, it is how I feel I as try to maneuver around a person taller than me who is determined not to cooperate.

My brother looked at me with all sincerity and said, “One day Jesus will thank you for shaving His armpits.”  He was paraphrasing the verse in Matthew 25:40, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.”  While my brother was trying to encourage me, the thought of shaving Jesus’ armpits made me laugh!  It actually sounds sacrilegious!

It hit me, though, all these tasks we do that seem menial and unnoticed, do not go unnoticed by God.  We might get discouraged and think “What’s the point?  Does it even matter?”, but it matters to God.  As my father has always said, “We do the right thing because it is the right thing to do!”

My brother’s encouraging words have continued to play in my mind as I bathe Sarah each morning.  I have come to realize that my washing and cleaning of my teenage girl is truly an act of worship to my Lord Jesus.  I do it not because it is easy, but I do it because He has entrusted me with her and I do it out of love for her and Him.  I have actually seen a blessing of her being taller than me.  When I ask her to raise her arms, her armpits are now eye level for me.  They are right there in front of me and perfect placement for shaving!  I used to be so concerned about caring for her as she outgrew me, but it has made things easier and she is now getting so used the routine that our wrestle matches are now things of the past.

God does notice and it does matter.  And whether or not Jesus says thank you to me in heaven for shaving Sarah’s armpits, I hope in heaven to hear Sarah say, “Thanks Mom.”  That will be worth it all!