Set My Compass North

I quit my job yesterday.  Next month would have marked my 7th Anniversary at my job.  I planned on working there until Sarah turned 26 and ‘aged out’ of the Autism program, but best laid plans…

I have been so blessed by my job; spoiled really.  I worked between the school bell hours and it was always flexible for Sarah’s needs.  As soon as Sarah’s bus came to pick her up, I would race to work.  Then I would race home, sometimes just beating the bus by seconds as I needed to be there to take her off the bus.   It was jammed packed days, but I thought I had found a balance.  One time Jack asked me, “When do you work because you’re home when we are?”  I thanked the Lord for this gift that it didn’t disrupt their schedules and provided financially for Sarah’s needs.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I am learning to keep open hands to the Lord in obedience.  I have been feeling that the Lord was calling me away from this job, but I was scared because we need the money for Sarah’s care.

A few Sundays ago it was my turn to stay home with Sarah (I watch a church on-line when I stay home) and when David came home I could tell something was bothering him.  He pulled up a chair and with clasped hands said, “Jill, I think we need to go out on faith and take a step into the unknown.  We have been waiting for something to happen, but I think we need to just do it and take a step.”

We have been talking about increasing our involvement in Christian humanitarian ministries, but we were not sure what that meant.  We prayed and what came up was me quitting my job so we can focus more on me being open and ready to serve.  That thought scared us, so we prayed even more!

In the end, we both knew this is what God was calling us to do and I handed in my resignation letter.   Is this crazy?  Yes.  Does this make financial sense?  No, but we truly have peace.

It truly is Philippians 4:7, “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

My dear friend, Pam, said, “Praise our God that as you turn the lights off Friday, God is flipping the switch to even brighter light for your next days ahead! This is what separates us from the rest of the herd of this world; we never have to worry as to where we’re going because no matter what we do, God always sets our compass north!!”

So far I have committed to serve as a leader for the High School youth group mission trip this summer and David and I are working on plans to visit the church/orphanage we support in Haiti.   Other than that I am unsure, other than my compass is set to true north.  🙂  Thank you for your on-going prayers!!

6 thoughts on “Set My Compass North

  1. Angela

    That is terrific! Praise God for His leading into this new adventure and phase of your life! It will be so exciting to see all that he does through your willingness to serve! I know how much you have encouraged and challenged me and I know that God is going to use you in mighty ways. I’ll be praying as you serve on these upcoming mission trips and as the Lord continues to reveal his plan! He will work out all the details!

  2. Linda Hartwell

    Hello, Jill,     This is your crazy, old dino dig partner.      I have been praying for you all ever since that event. I find your postings such a blessing.  Thank you for being so real, so open, but also, so trusting in our Lord.     How exciting to hear about your step of faith in quitting your employment!   How wonderful to step out of that ‘rat race’ of working outside your home!  Now is your chance to serve our Mighty God  as wife, mother, and homemaker with “a gentle and quiet spirit”.  It may be a bit of an adjustment, but this is a high calling.       I want to encourage you to “…love your husband, love your children, be sensible, be pure, be a worker at home, be kind, and be subject to your husband…”  That sounds like quite enough to fill your hours and days!                            Thanking our Heavenly Father for you & David & your lovely children,                            Linda    

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