My “Comma” Summer

Best. Summer. Ever.  This is crazy when I think back over it.  I had the worst shower conditions:  the backed up toilet at the Rescue Mission that overflowed the moment you turned the shower on or having only one shower for 28 people (that was a logistical feat!).  Or, sleeping on a cot for 9 nights, 5 of them sleeping in a non-air conditioned room that was easily over 90 degrees (it was like a steam facial every night!), but it was wonderful to serve the Lord on two mission trips!  In August, David was in charge of an elementary school remodel in Detroit with a Christian Humanitarian ministry.  I came on Monday of that week to help him prepare and found myself spending the rest of the week working alongside many, many people in our community.

This summer was tiring, but it was the best experience!

As you know, last March I left a job that was perfect for allowing me to work around Sarah’s needs.  I walked away not quite sure what the Lord had in store for us.  Financially it did not make sense.  I wasn’t sure if I would ever go back to the work world because of Sarah’s needs and because I wanted to be more open to serving the Lord in ministry.

Pastor Todd Mullins once said, “Don’t put a period, where God has put a comma.”

I was ready to put a period on this part of my life, but God in His sovereignty made it a comma.  The first day of school for Sarah (she started later than the others) I started a new job as the Office Manager/Administrative Assistant to the Lead Pastor at a local church. It is the best of both worlds!  I am getting paid to minister to people!  How great is that?!?  When I opened up the offer letter I gasped.  All of my so called obstacles, the hurdles I thought would make me “unemployable”, the Lord wiped away. They have been so flexible with me regarding Sarah’s needs.  Sarah has various days off and they were fine with me taking them off.  I need to be home in time for her bus in the afternoons; not a problem with them.

It has almost been a month at my new job.  I am so happy!  I think I need to calm down my excitement because I catch myself talking very fast (more than usual!) and I can’t wipe the smile off my face. 🙂

I am thankful for my “comma” summer.  It was a God given pause that gave me great memories with my family, but I look forward to seeing what He has in store in this next chapter of my life.

Thank you for your faithful prayers for Sarah and for us!

1 Corinthians 2:9, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived, what God has prepared for those who love Him.”

“No Big Deal” that Means a Lot

It was no big deal, really.  In fact, I had forgotten all about it.

One day last month we had a downpour of rain like no other.  It came down with such force that soon a river flowed where our street once was.  No one would want to be driving out in this weather, so it was a surprise when I heard a quick rap on the door.

It was a woman who explained that the main road was flooded so she cut down our street only to find her car almost submerged on ours.  She had pulled into our driveway and was waiting for the storm to pass.  She then asked if she could use our restroom, so I let her and her daughter come inside.  I talked to them for a little bit, but they soon returned to their car and when our storm drains finally caught up expelling the rainwater, they were back on the road again.

“Who was that?  Did you know them?”  Jim asked.

“No, just met them now!   They are just people who live in our city who got caught in the rain.”

I brushed it off and went on with my day.  Yesterday in the mail I received a letter from this mom and daughter thanking me for that day.  She started the note, “I bet you thought you would never hear from me again, but I wanted to thank you…”  I was surprised because to me it was no big deal, but it meant something to her.  (I was just thankful my bathroom was presentable! 🙂 )

How many times on this autism journey, what was “no big deal” for someone meant the world to us!  I wish I could tell you what an encouraging word, a hug, a cup of coffee, helping us transport our other kids to events, someone telling me that they are praying for us, means to us!   That encouraging note someone wrote to me, I still have it and have read it over and over again.  That hug?  I see them as God’s reminder that He has given us such wonderful friends who support and love us in the good times and bad.  That coffee?  Some days I am functioning with only a few hours of sleep because of Sarah and that coffee was the kindest thing someone could do.  Small acts, “I was driving my kids to the event anyway…” are priceless and do not go unnoticed by the Lord or by us!  Bless you and thank you for faithful prayers!

Thank you…your “no big deal” truly means a lot!

Mark 9:41, “I tell you the truth, anyone who gives you a cup of water in My name because you belong to Christ will certainly not lose his reward.”

By the way, I am keeping my bathroom clean just in case of another storm! 🙂