Little Piggy

The recorded phone message from the school’s food services played in my ear again, “Your child has a negative food balance….”

“How can this be?  I just paid!  Why do I keep getting these phone messages?”

I texted Sarah’s teacher about the cost for lunch and she replied back, “Breakfast is $1.25 and Lunch is $2.75.”

I did that!  I sent in $13.75 for lunches this week; this makes no sense to me!

We started having Sarah buy hot lunch at school this year after years of dealing with her food aversions.  Food aversions are quite common for children with autism.  For some it is a texture issue, others it could be the color, shape or brand.  I knew of one autistic child that would only eat the round shaped chicken nuggets at McDonald’s.  His mom would ask the McDonald’s employee to take out the boot and the other chicken nugget shapes and only give her the round, ball shaped ones.  Another mom told me her child would only eat a certain brand of food, despite her trying to tell him the other brand she bought was the same thing.  Her idea of saving money on a different brand was useless because her child refused to eat it.

For Sarah, she refuses to eat sandwiches.  This makes lunch time difficult for things she will eat, but Sarah loves to eat the hot lunches at school.  It doesn’t matter what they serve, she loves to get in line and get her food.  This year we decided instead of searching for things for her to eat (and wasting food in the process), we would pay the $13.75 a week and let her buy hot lunch.

So why do I keep owing money?!

After many phone calls, we solved our problem.

“Well, you only send in $13.75 each week and Sarah’s weekly food balance is $20.  So, each week you owe an additional $6.25.”

“$20?”  I knew for an additional charge Sarah could get ice cream or other snacks, but I didn’t think she was doing that.  “Is Sarah buying extra snacks at lunch?”

“No, your daughter gets in the breakfast line, too.  Sarah buys breakfast and lunch at school.”

I had to laugh!  Sarah already eats breakfast at home before she goes to school.  I guess Sarah decided that she wants a second breakfast!  Oh, that little piggy!  She sees others getting food and wants to get in line for her share.

Being a little piggy…

I am thankful our Lord doesn’t do a “one time only” offer on His grace, mercy, wisdom and love.  He doesn’t give us a coupon that says “good for one time only” that I need to keep and save for that one time I really, really need it and once I cash in my coupon that is it for me.

No, it is just the opposite!  One of my favorite verses is James 1:5, “If any of you lack wisdom, you should ask of God who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.”  (It is one of my favorites because I pray it to Him so often!)

One translation of this verse says “liberally” instead of “generously” and I love the thought of Him giving me an outpouring of Himself that is beyond measure.  He gives the maximum instead of the minimum.  There is not one hint of a “one time only offer” with the Lord, but a heap upon a heap that is mine for the asking with no judgment.  There is no, “Again, Jill?  Seriously???”  Instead, I can always go back and be a little piggy and ask for more of His peace, grace, love, forgiveness, wisdom and mercy and in turn, extend my hand to offer the same to others.

I am thankful He has never said to me, “one and done, Jill”, but an arms wide open love for me to ask and start again.  I can always go back and grab seconds, just like Sarah getting in line for her second breakfast!  What a great thought as we start 2015!

So thankful to be “going back for more” on this journey!  Thank you for your faithful prayers for Sarah and us!!