A Mother’s Affirmation

It was an off-handed comment.  I just said it as I kissed her goodbye as she walked out the door to get on her bus for school.  Yesterday, both of Sarah’s pant legs were inside her socks.  What shocked me was Sarah heard me.  She was walking down the driveway, stopped and bent down and fixed her one pant leg.  When I said, “Oh, the other one, too!” she stopped and fixed the other pant leg.  I closed the door and couldn’t get over what I witnessed.  Sarah understands a lot more than I realize.

It is challenging.  It is convicting.

Later in the evening Sarah came up to hug me.  It is quite common for autistic children to shun physical contact (could be due to sensory issues), so I was thrilled to get a hug from my girl.  I remembered that morning and I whispered in her ear, “I love you, Sarah!  You are a kind girl.  You are smart, you are a good friend and I love your beautiful blue eyes.”

I felt Sarah breathe hard on my neck as she was soaking it all in.  When we broke our embrace the look on her face was one of mushy-gushy love.  She kissed me and I knew she understood.

As I lay in my bed last night, I thought more about the importance of me affirming not only Sarah, but all my children.  Then this smile came across my face as I realized my Mom did the same for me.  Yesterday, I met my mom for lunch.  She was in the area and it just worked out for us to meet.  I love my time with my Mom!  She is my sounding board and other than my beloved David, my biggest cheerleader.  She affirms me as a mom, as a wife and as a woman.  (She also corrects me when I need to be corrected and I appreciate that as well!)  Our time at lunch flew by and as I had to race to get Jack to take him to his orthodontist appointment, my Mom said, “Thanks for lunch.  I do love spending time with my girl.  It was the highlight of my day!”

No Mom….it was mine.

I Thessalonians 5:11a “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up.”

10 thoughts on “A Mother’s Affirmation

  1. Laura

    This is so precious, Jill! I love that Sarah hears and understands – and that she knows she is deeply loved. And I agree with you about Mom…I was just saying to Scott yesterday how much I appreciate Mom’s encouraging heart. She’s always cheering what should be cheered (and doesn’t cheer what shouldn’t) – I think she knows how easy it is to feel self-doubt and discouragement. Her affirmation is such a gift to “keep on keeping on.” You are just like her! No wonder our 5 min calls quickly turn into an hour. LOVE our family. SO GRATEFUL.

  2. veronicasimon

    This was such a blessing to read ! How full of a mothers’ and daughters’ love! It is awesome to have these special touches from Sarah and revelations of understanding and proof there is so much more from the Lord ahead!

  3. Pat Vess

    Nothing could encourage a Mom more than to read what you and Laura just shared about your beloved Mom. What a glorious testimony of God’s faithfulness is your beautiful family!! Thank you again for sharing! I’m so encouraged again! So grateful that I can call your Mom, “My Dear Friend!”

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