UPDATE on Sarah’s doctor appointments and “Duck in the House”

This week Sarah had a dentist and an eye appointment.  (I like to pack these things in obviously.)   We want to thank you for praying because she did great!

Anna, her dental hygienist, was so kind and patient with her.  When Anna used the suction tube she called it ‘Mr. Slurpee’ and Sarah thought that was hilarious.  Sarah repeated her very loudly “Mr. Slurpee!!!” and would laugh and laugh.  Sarah received a full cleaning and thankfully had no cavities.   Our dentist (and friend) said he was amazed at how much Sarah talked and was so happy.  I agree; it was awesome!!

Our eye doctor was also amazed with how much Sarah cooperated this year.  I wrote a blog called “How the Light Made a Difference” about last year’s appointment.  This year, Sarah read the letters on the screen (yes, read!) and even allowed her eyes to be dilated.  She certainly didn’t like having her eyes dilated, but she did it and I am so proud of her!  She broke her glasses last month and our insurance won’t allow new frames yet, but they are going to order the frame parts to fix the old pair and replace the lenses with her new prescription.  Overall, what a difference we are seeing in her!!  Thank you!  We know it is because of your prayers for her!

Now for a story that happened just before the eye appointment:

Duck in the House

We have issues with our fireplace cap.  It never stays on.  Last year’s Christmas present to each other was a new roof (Isn’t that sad that I was so excited for my present?) and the roofers secured a new cap.  Unfortunately, one good winter wind gust and the cap was in our backyard again.

Here is the problem, if we don’t have the cap on the fireplace, birds will fly down our flue.  This has happened 4 times.  Each time, David is not home.  First time it happened, I screamed, “Bird in the house!” which Sarah then repeated for the rest of the day with the same shrieking voice I used, “Bird in the house!  Bird in the house!” You never realize how ridiculous you sound until you are mimicked over and over again by your autistic daughter!  Each time, I have managed to get the bird out of my house, but it was exhausting!

Thursday morning I heard a bird flapping in the fireplace flue.   I groaned as I remembered the new cap is sitting in my garage.  I did my normal routine of opening the flue, opening the door wall glass door and having my blanket ready to direct, but no bird.  I did this several times over the next few days with no result.  Saturday I tried again but after several minutes, I took a break.  I sat down in the chair with the blanket still in my hands and was watching a TV show, then “THUMP!”  out drops a full grown female duck who took off like a bullet into my house! (Did I mention I was alone in the house with Sarah?)

I didn’t scream.  I think I was more in a shock of what happened!  The duck frantically found itself in the downstairs bathroom.  It was bleeding and fluttering everywhere.

How am I going to get this duck out of my house?

I tried to take the blanket I had in my hands to catch her but each time she freed herself from me.  She had her mouth open hissing at me and leaving blood trails wherever she went.  She finally positioned herself behind the toilet.  I felt so bad for her.  She was scared, she was injured and I didn’t know to do.

I stood there and prayed asking the Lord to help me.  “All I wanted to do is help this duck and she keeps resisting me!  Lord, I need your help!!”  As I reached down one more time to her the Lord answered my prayer.  I was able to grab her with the blanket and she remained very still.  I got her outside and when I open the blanket up on the ground, she took off like a bullet again.

That was crazy!  Yet, how many times have I resisted God’s help in my life much like this duck resisting me?  How many times do I try to do things on my own, only to find myself emotionally bleeding and in a tough, tight spot in my life?  Such a good reminder that I need to let go and to stop resisting Him and trust Him.  He wants to give me freedom, healing and peace on this autism journey if I let Him.

Psalms 62:5-8, “Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him.  He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will not be shaken.  My salvation and my honor depend on God.  He is my mighty rock, my refuge. Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to Him for God is our refuge.”

I love these verses!  I love the image of pouring out our hearts to Him, our refuge!

10 thoughts on “UPDATE on Sarah’s doctor appointments and “Duck in the House”

  1. Laura

    Oh my word! I feel so sorry for that poor duck too, but I appreciate your spiritual application. We are praying for our sweet Sarah – so glad the doctor visits went so well!! XOXOXOXO

  2. Janet Whitlock

    You know that would only happen to you. You have the best stories and then relate them to life so appropriately. Thank you!!! You and your family are an inspiration to us all. Love you and praying for you!!

  3. Pat Vess

    Jill, you so help us to keep everything in perspective and oh how you keep us encouraged. We love every message you share and so look forward to the next one. Such good reports concerning Sarah. Thank you for your always-on-time word!

  4. Kay Weber

    So glad to hear that Sarah is doing so well and that you have so many faithful prayer wariors. My daughter loves reading your blogs with me. I love how you are so good at turning your life experiences into spiritual applications. Keep shining bright for Jesus!!!
    Hugs, Kay 💓

  5. Sue Windle

    Hey Jill,
    It is sad but good to have ducks and struggles which keep us connected and focused on what God has for us. Thanks for sharing.

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