Bumper Crop Harvest

I have my Grandmother’s clock next to my bed.  My Mom’s mom died over 18 years ago, but this digital clock still continues to be my faithful companion on my night stand.  My Grandma Palms loved clocks; she loved the different faces of the dials.  In her little condo you found clocks on the wall, on the bookshelves and even on top of her old record player.  If that wasn’t enough, she always had a watch on.  It was flipped over so the backside faced up and turned in so it rested on the inside of her wrist securely holding her Kleenex tissue.  I always loved that she did that.  When she passed away I took two clocks, the digital clock that was on her record player and an anniversary clock that was on her bookshelf by her front door, to remember her by.

I was looking at this digital clock amazed that it has been 18 years since she passed away.  At that time, I was expecting my firstborn and now he is entering his senior year in high school and all the excitement and changes it brings.  I can’t believe how fast time has gone by!  How can this be?

I remember when Sarah was first diagnosed with autism and over and over again we heard the importance of early intervention.  Specialists said the most gains we would see in Sarah would be before the age of 6.  After that age, while she could continue to improve with therapy, the gains would not be as significant as before.  For that reason, they stressed intense therapy at that early age.  We did and they were right.  Then I blinked and my six year old girl is now 15.  How can this be?

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”  Psalm 90:12

Right now, I am not numbering my days as I should.  Summer is ending and just thinking about the back to school schedule is making me hyperventilate.  I am not ready for the busyness of fall and the many firsts and lasts of having a child graduate from high school will bring me.

In my Bible’s notes, it says that the word ‘gain’ could also be translated as ‘harvest’.   ‘…that we may harvest a heart of wisdom.’  A harvest is the end result of something that took time to mature, to grow.  It is the outcome of hard work and patience.  It is something that is treasured.  It is something that is celebrated.

Maybe that is why my Grandma had so many clocks; that she would be reminded of the importance of time!  This fall, I want to start cultivating my heart’s soil for my own harvest time.  I want the Lord to teach me what it means to not just “get by” or “survive” this season of my life, but to truly enjoy what this season brings.  I’m praying for Him to produce a bumper crop harvest of a heart of wisdom full of treasuring the days He gave me!

We truly thank you for praying for Sarah (and us!).  We are so deeply, deeply grateful!!

**September Praises and Prayer Requests found under the tab at the top of the page.  Bless you and thank you for praying!!

4 thoughts on “Bumper Crop Harvest

  1. Laura

    Once again, your insights pierce my heart, sweet sister. Thank you for sharing and reminding me to also number my days. I love you and am always praying for you all.

  2. Carol Butler

    Dear Jill, Yes, time does get by us in a hurry. We have so many minutes, but it seems that the responsibilities are endless. Praying for your family as school begins. There will be so many activities to be involved in with your 4 children and Dave and you. Praying for rest and peace in your life. Aunt Carol

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