“Where are the other cars?  There was a minivan right next to me,” was the thought racing through my mind as my minivan was hit on the passenger side which caused us to spin across two lanes of traffic. Traffic was moderately heavy that afternoon as my sister, Laura, Sarah and I headed north on the interstate to make it to Sarah’s psychologist appointment across town. Yet, there were no cars around us as we spun. I did my best to correct the steering wheel until my rear side hit a guard rail which caused us to flip unto our side. The two closest windows by Sarah were blown out and glass flew everywhere. Mud sprayed up into the interior of the car as we skidded along the ground until we hit something else which caused us to roll across the median that divided the north and south bound traffic. As we rolled, it seemed like everything went into slow motion right then. I saw my McDonald’s drink float out of the drink holder into the air and smash against the ceiling. I had CD holders that clipped on to both my visors. The CD’s floated out and then flew out the window and across the freeway cement. (Some went as far as 20 feet.)

When we landed we found ourselves in the southbound left lane facing northbound traffic. Quickly I looked out my driver side window to see if we would be hit broadside by the left lane traffic. Thankfully, the nearest car was over 50 feet away and came to a stop. Instinctively, I still pressed the gas pedal to move my car only to see smoke pour out from under my mangled hood. Lindsay, the name for our minivan, came to a rest.

While there was no traffic around me, suddenly we were surrounded by people. Everyone was asking if we were okay. Amazingly, we were. (I did hurt my back, but I am thankful as it could have been much worse.)

The SUV that hit us was turned upside down and a quarter mile down the road resting in the left lane of northbound traffic. He walked away from the accident as well with just a gash on his arm.

When the paramedics arrived they were fearful of my neck and carefully strapped me to a stretcher. I was more concerned about Sarah. Since she was basically non-verbal could she let us know that she was hurt? Laura and I were covered in glass and mud, Sarah being in the back seat in her car seat and closest to the two blown out windows had to be covered as well.

“Is she okay?  Is she cut?” I cried out.

Amazingly she wasn’t.

In fact, Laura yelled out to me that there was no glass around her. Laura was walking around after the accident even though it was her side that was hit.

How can that be?

“Is there glass underneath her? Is she cut where you can’t see?” I was frustrated that I was strapped to a board, staring at the sky and unable to see my girl.

“Jill, there is no glass around her. She is fine. There is a complete void of glass around her car seat.” Laura brought her to me and I got to touch her foot as they put me into the ambulance.

David went to take photos of the minivan later. He agreed that while the entire cabin was filled with glass and mud, where Sarah sat was completely glass and mud free. There was not even a drop around her at all.

This month it will be 12 years since that accident. When I describe the accident to others, I tell them it is as if God had placed His Hand over Sarah and protected her.

It is a physical reminder of something I have known all along on this Autism journey. She is covered under His care. ❤

I have…covered you with the shadow of my hand.” Isaiah 51:16