Picture (Im)Perfect

I love seeing photos of my family and friends taken by professional photographers. My favorite family photos are the ones taken in autumn with the changing colors of the leaves as the picture perfect backdrop. Truly beautiful!

It reminds me of a photo shoot we had at Sarah’s Autism therapy center when she was five years old. The Center hired a professional photographer to take photos of our families. This photographer was amazing! Children with Autism do not always cooperate, but she was patient, kind and came prepared. She gave me the proofs of the photo shoot and I treasure them because they reflect what our lives were like at that time.

These are scans of the proofs so the quality is not what I would like, but it will give you the idea.

I call this one ‘Mesmerized’:


Photo credit: Sherry Kruzman Photography

The photographer had a plastic gun that when she pushed a button on it, bubbles would float out of the nozzle. She used it to gain the children’s attention and to get them to look at the camera. My children acted like they had never seen a bubble before. I was standing next to her, waving my arms and saying, “Smile! C’mon! Look at the camera! Over here!!” Nothing; my children were totally mesmerized by dollar store bubbles.

I call this photo “Nitpicking”:


Photo credit: Sherry Kruzman Photography

Why look at the camera when you can focus on your brother’s big toe?

This one, one of my personal favorites, is called “Rockstar”:


Photo credit: Sherry Kruzman Photography

I have no idea what song was in Sarah’s mind at the time, but she was rocking out to her own beat.

You go, girl!

(I love that her siblings do not seem affected by Sarah’s personal dance party.)

This photo I call simply, “I give up”:


Photo credit: Sherry Kruzman Photography

There are times when I compare my mothering of Sarah to the titles of my kids’ photo shoot.  “Am I doing enough? Am I enough for her?”  If I become mesmerized in my mind on all the things I am not doing, I will lose focus on what God is calling for me to do today. I can nitpick at all my faults and tell myself I am no “rock star”, but then I will lose sight of how He has been my continued strength in my weakness. He created Sarah and He created me to be her mom. I might want to give up, but He reminds me how far we have come. (This blog has been such a wonderful reminder and encouragement of His continued faithfulness!) So with a deep breath and a proper perspective of who I am in Christ, I reach out for His Hand as He continues to lead me down this road.

This life is not picture perfect, much like this photo shoot, but I treasure it!

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:10


“The Winner”:


Photo credit: Sherry Kruzman Photography