The Summer of Sarah

This morning Sarah raced to the bus arms flapping like she was a bird. She reached the bus doors before the bus driver had an opportunity to open it and Sarah clapped her hands in glee. When the doors open, she bounded up the stairs and took a diving leap into her bus bench seat.

This is a happy Sarah!

This summer we have some “Happy Sarah” moments that I want to share with you. We know it is because people are praying! While we did struggle with increased OCD behaviors this summer, enough that we needed to increase her OCD meds, it is these “Happy Sarah” moments that are like a breath of fresh air.  It is these little pieces that make you laugh, gain perspective and encourage you.

I have shared with you how the car would make Sarah cry (Sarah blog “Hands Free Calling“). She would start her high pitch whine and she would not stop until we were out of the car. Thank you for praying for her on this issue. This is Sarah now:

This is Sarah with her head out the window enjoying the summer sun! What a difference! Sarah also enjoys waving at herself in the side view mirror.

She also enjoys dancing to music in the car:

She has got some moves!!!  The song we are listening to is called “The Point” by ‘The Lasting Hope’ –(A Christian band I heard at Big Ticket Festival) When you get to the chorus, that is when Sarah started dancing. 🙂

In Sarah’s prayer blog “She a Babe”, I shared how Kendall has been taking Sarah out to stores. A few weeks ago she took Sarah to the Salvation Army to look for some clothes. Sarah picked out a few things and they went to try them on. At one point, Kendall left her in the dressing room to find more clothes. She was further away in the store, but she heard Sarah from the dressing room saying loudly, “You look like a PRINCESS!!” Kendall raced back to find Sarah checking herself out in pink skirt.  She didn’t get a photo of it, but she did get this of Sarah trying on a pair of pants that she was quite pleased with:

Needless to say, Kendall bought the pink skirt and these pants. They were each a $1. If you can feel like a princess for only $2, BUY THEM!

Thank you for your continued love and prayers for our girl! Like marathon runners looking forward to the people on the side lines holding cups of water out for them as they run, these moments are our cups of refreshing water on this marathon with Autism.  They are sweet reminders of our Lord of this precious gift He has given to us with Sarah. She comes with challenges, but the benefits are worth it. It reminds me of Psalm 4:7a:

“You have filled my heart with greater joy…”

It is as if these moments the Lord pours these ‘greater joy’ times into our hearts to sustain us.

The Summer of Sarah has been just that. Greater joy! 🙂

12 thoughts on “The Summer of Sarah

  1. Leanne

    Love this, Jill! It is all so true! And I think your family has shown us all how to LOOK for joy when things could drive you crazy. Sarah is a treasure and she makes me laugh! Love you!

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