At Sarah’s two year old well child appointment, the pediatrician looked at Sarah and then at me and said, “I think it is autism.  I’ll be right back with paperwork.” This started our journey raising our moderate to severe autistic daughter. This blog is for friends and family to get updates on Sarah, a place for them to hear what God is teaching us on this journey and most of all asking them to pray for Sarah. As Christians, we know there is power in prayer! Thank you for joining us on this journey and letting us share the joy and experiences of God’s faithfulness to us! Bless you!

About Us:  David and Jill Gregory – we have 4 kids: Jim, Kendall, Sarah and Jack. We are living life with autism and finding JOY in the midst of it! It has been a difficult journey, but we are amazed of God’s goodness and grace.

Thank you Prayer Partners!

***About Sweet Jilly G: It started out as a joke between friends that has snowballed. My high school small group girls that I work with call me it. A few Christmas ago, I got a lunch bag with ‘Sweet Jilly G’ embroidered on it. Even at the engineering firm I used to work at I had notes addressed to ‘SJG’. I needed a unique ID for my blog, but I had no idea others would see it. David said if I ever became a Christian Hip Hop Artist I would have the name (and the lunchbox merchandise), now I just need the talent….

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