List of Past Blogs

Dealing with the Long Chapters of Life

Good Sign

Stone to Flesh

He Knows What We Need May 15, 2019

Night to Shine 2019 

Saying Goodbye to our Jethros 


Last Night of Childhood 

Bondservant -June 20, 2018 – A story about Sarah signing over her right to us.

The Oxymoron – April 11, 2018 – A story about Sarah biting.

Defender of the Defenseless – March 2, 2018 – Story of Kendall defending Sarah at the Salvation Army store.

Night to Shine 2018 – February 10, 2018, The Tim Tebow “Night to Shine” night.

Scariest Moments in Life – December 30, 2017 – Story of when Sarah opened the car door on the expressway.

Christmas Surprise – December 2, 2017 – Story of Sarah finding the Christmas presents.

What Lies Beneath – October 27, 2017 – A lesson learned from our front lawn situation.

Summer of Sarah – September 22, 2017- Fun stories of Sarah this summer.

Giver of Good Things – August 16, 2017 -Story of when Sarah gave me a bug.

She a Babe  – June 30, 2017 -being challenged by Sarah’s twin sister to take her out more.

Strengths – May 1, 2017 – how Christ is my strength in this autism journey

To Be a Kathrine – April 1, 2017 – When Sarah learned how to read.

Picture (Im)Perfect – February 25, 2017 – Our humorous photo shoot.

Every Life is Precious – January 21, 2017- Sanctity of Life

Gift Wrapped – December 4, 2016 – Story of Amazon and the best gift of all!

From Throwing Chairs to Shining Star – November 15, 2016 -Sarah won “Shining Star” (Student of the Month) for the month of October.

When There Are No Words – November 1, 2016 – Melted Halloween Candy story and story of Hannah from the Bible.

Big Shoes to Fill – October 1, 2016 (a story about Sarah wearing David’s shoes & how God has created us.)

What If and If Only – August 27, 2016 (a story about the two spiritual diseases of ‘what if’ and ‘if only’)

little-cheater – August 1,2016 (a story how Sarah cheated on her eye exam and how taking the easy way doesn’t serve me well.)

Covered – July 1, 2016 (a story about our car accident and how God protected us)

She did it! – June 6, 2016 (a story about a special needs girl graduating with Jim)

Blinked – May 28, 2016 (a story about Jim graduating from high school and how fast the time went.  Also a thank you to all who invested in his life.)

(Bitter)Sweet 16 – April 30, 2016 (Girls 16 birthday and this life is not changing but it is certainly changing me!)

Prayer Request for Sarah-struggling with OCD behaviors-April 18, 2016 (desperate need of prayer for Sarah’s OCD issues. So thankful for our prayer warriors!)

Good Intentions-March 30, 2016 (a story about my cooking disaster)

A Place for Sarah – March 11, 2016 (a story about Young Life’s Capernaum program and other churches helping us with Sarah)

A lot like Murray – February 29, 2016 (a story about rest)

Validation – February 15, 2016 (a story about inner beauty)

Disaster Disney – January 25, 2016 (a story about our trip to Disney that is now funny)

A Twist in the Journey – January 9, 2016 (a story how the new job did not work out)

Gently Leads Me Deeper Still – November 29, 2015 (a story about the new job)

Helping Hands, Grateful Hearts – November 2, 2015 (a story about Sunday aides for Sarah)

Peace in the Midst of a Mighty Waterfall – September 30, 2015 (a story about finding peace in the craziness of life)

Bumper Crop Harvest – August 31, 2015 (a story about treasuring Jim’s senior year)

He Knows My Name – August 2, 2015 (a story how a song spoke to Sarah)

An Autism Meltdown – June 25, 2015 (a story about Sarah’s horrific meltdowns)

The Notepad: A year of encouragement – May 30, 2015 (a story about the teacher sending me notes about how Sarah was doing in school)

The Big Game – May 18, 2015 (Re-blog- a story about the basketball game between Sarah’s school and the city’s varsity basketball team)

Sister Love – May 4, 2015 (a story about Sarah coming to Kendall’s lacrosse game)

UPDATE on Sarah’s doctor appointments and “Duck in the House” – April 19, 2015 (a story about how a duck found its way into our house)

The Lost Granola -April 1, 2014 (a story about the frustration of Sarah getting into things)

Happy 100th Birthday to a Prayer Warrior – March 15, 2015 (a story about my Grandma’s 100th Birthday)

The Warrior- a Poem by Kendall – March 1, 2015 (a poem Kendall wrote in school about Sarah)

A Mother’s Affirmation – February 11, 2015 (a story about how my mom affirms me)

Great Reward – February 1, 2015 (a story about how I reacted hearing a famous star’s success story of her autistic child)

Chose wisely – January 12, 2015 (a funny story about David–sorry David!!)

Little Piggy – December 30, 2014 (a story about how Sarah loves cafeteria food)

God Sent You – November 30, 2014 (a story about going to see my friend, Sarah White)

Grateful – November 14, 2014 (Grateful for Autism? Actually, yes.)

A Firm Foundation – November 1, 2014 (a story about building a strong spiritual foundation)

In Honor of Sarah (House) White – October 10, 2014 (Re-blog in honor of her 40th birthday. I still cry every time I read this blog. I don’t think you ever get over the heartbreak.)

My “Comma” Summer – September 27, 2014 (a story about how the Lord opens doors)

“No Big Deal” that Means a Lot – September 14, 2014 (a story about showing kindness and not realizing the affect it has on others.)

The Big Game – August 31, 2014 (a story about the basketball game of the autism school vs the city’s varsity boys basketball team) – Another story that makes me cry!

Our Little Houdini August 16, 2014 (a story how Sarah would poop smear and God reminding me I am in the palm of His hand.)

Work of God Displayed-Part III- Pursued by Christ – July 29, 2014 (Part III of John 9)

What Kind of Mother – June 25, 2014 (a story about my struggle of going on vacation without Sarah)

In Sickness and In Health: A Love Letter to David – June 4, 2014 (a story of our 20th wedding anniversary)

Work of God Displayed-Part II—Hope that We Have – May 15, 2014 (Part II of John 9)

Sweet Tooth – May 1,  2014 (a story about Sarah’s autism diagnosis)

Work of God Displayed – April 15, 2014 (Part I of John 9)

Bird Calls – April 1, 2014 (a story about how the cardinal points me to Christ)

Set My Compass North – March 8, 2014 (a story of how I left the job at the engineering firm)

God’s Love Language – March 2, 2014 (a story about being obedient to the Lord)

How the Light made a difference… – February 16, 2014 (a story about Sarah’s eye appointment)

A Soul-Searching Journey – February 1, 2014 (a story about dealing with discontentment)

Dr Appointment Update and “Hands Free Calling” – January 1, 2014 (a story about how God hears my prayers).

Is There a Doctor in the House? – December 31, 2013 (a story of Sarah singing loudly in church)

Leaving the Results to Him – December 20, 2013 (a story about doing all we can but trusting the Lord that He is in control.)

Christmas Wish List – December 1, 2013 (a story of Sarah’s wish list)

Purpose in the Waiting – October 29, 2013 (a story about patience and that God has a plan while I wait)

In Honor of Sarah (House) White – October 10, 2013 (the original post of Sarah White, my beloved friend)

UPDATE-Choosing Our Focus – October 1, 2013  (an update on Sarah’s schooling)

Choosing Our Focus – September 28, 2013 (a story on Sarah’s schooling and me focusing on the good over the bad.)

God Whispering In Our Ears – September 16, 2013 (a story of God leading us to the new school, though I really struggled with it.)

Words That I Say – September 9, 2013 – (a story about being careful of what comes out of my mouth.)

The Next Step – September 1, 2013 (a story about Sarah growing up.)

Worst Case Scenario – August 20, 2013 (a story about Sarah shaving her head.)

Economy Size Grace – August 14, 2013 -THE MOST TALKED ABOUT BLOG. (A very funny story about me buying Depends for Sarah and about God’s grace.)

I know better, He knows best – August 1, 2013 (a story about when I feel sorry for myself)

Shaving a Cat – July 28, 2013 (a story about the thankless jobs that you do because you love and God has entrusted you to do them.)