From Throwing Chairs to Shining Star

Yesterday we received a phone call that Sarah was to receive the ‘Shining Star’ award for her school. She would receive the award at the School Board meeting that night. When David called me at work to tell me the news, I got choked up. In the past, phone calls during the day were not a good thing. They were telling me she wet her pants or was screaming non-stop. Or worse, she became aggressive and was throwing chairs across the room. Tears would stream down my face as I drove to her school in weariness and frustration of her behavior. Yesterday, I cried, even snorted when I cried (which is so lovely!!) in pure joy and disbelief.

At the ceremony a school board member read from a paper of why Sarah won the award. In my excitement, I barely heard what she said. Later that evening I discovered that they gave me a copy of the paper.

It read:

“Sarah came to (her school) at a difficult time in her young life. She has worked very hard and is growing into a young lady with a strong positive attitude toward her future. Sarah’s determination is amazing as she achieves each skill in her classes. Sarah has become a part of the (school) student body and this is a credit to her individuality-her own way of looking at life and its challenges. A big thank you to her family for all their support.

Sarah strives each and every day, and we could all learn from her example. Though the support from her family and the (school) staff, her growth has been tremendous. She is becoming a role model to her fellow classmates.

We are very proud to award the Shining Star to Sarah Gregory.”

A very big thank you to you who have faithfully prayed for Sarah! You have been with us during the dark times when chairs were being flown across the room or when she would hit and scream and you continue to support us on this journey. I am praising the Lord for answered prayer in her life! Thank you for your involvement!

This photo just shows our family (minus Jim who is away at school), my parents and Sarah’s principal. I wish it could show the many people that pray for her. That photo would be a sea of faces that have cheered us on and would truly show how we are making it. Thank you for your loving and faithful prayers for our girl!

She is our Shining Star!

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses…let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” Hebrews 12:1

Do everything without complaining or arguing…in which you shine like stars in the universe.” Phil 2:15

8 thoughts on “From Throwing Chairs to Shining Star

  1. I’m rejoicing with you, Jill! You and your family continue to inspire and encourage us to move in a positive direction not matter what challenges we face. I LOVE the picture! I nominate YOU for the Shining Star Mama award! Sending love and hugs from the Kents.

  2. Deborah Frohriep

    Amen! God is so good! Great is Thy faithfulness! Sarah and all of your family are in my “war room” prayers!
    I love you! Xo

  3. Carol Butler

    What a wonderful blessing to be the Shining Star at her school! Yes, the Lord has answered many prayers for you and your family! Thank You Jesus! May you continue to see progress and know that Sarah is growing in stature and her understanding of Jesus in her Life! Love to you,
    Aunt Carol

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