The Warrior- a Poem by Kendall

The Warrior

by Kendall Gregory

Joy in the air

Dancing through the wind

Smiles from ear to ear


But when I truly look

Into the eyes of deep blue

I see the silent plea


I don’t see joy

But sorrow, lust,

Pain & brokenness


You screamed

But they were

Deaf to your voice


You were left

Stranded, deserted

All on your own


You danced, cried

And even fell

But not of your own will


They tried

They truly tried

But you were so far


Not knowing

Not seeing

Not hearing


Nothing could help

Not even you

No matter what


So you became

A warrior

A fighter


You fought back

With your smiles,

With your patience


I know I don’t

Understand you

And never will


But you must understand

You are my hero

And I love you too.


9 thoughts on “The Warrior- a Poem by Kendall


    Thank you Jill, This is powerful and deep. It pulls at us emotionally. Kendall is a thinker–nothing shallow about her. She grabbed hold of our hearts. Love to her and you and all of the family. Roger and Andrea

  2. Thank you all for your sweet comments! I shared them with Kendall. Sorry, for the late response. My computer was not working from home. 😦 Thankful I posted Kendall’s poem but it crashed right after that. (I am writing from work now) Thanks again!

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