The Big Game

I received word that there is no “Big Game” this year due to our new school building not having the gym size needed for the game. They are trying to find a location for next year.
My friend, Jill W, sent this blog to the principal at Sarah’s school and she wrote back saying that at the sports banquet one of the seniors on the team said his favorite memory of his entire basketball career was playing our team. 🙂 Ahh…touches my heart! Enjoy this story again! Makes me cry!!

Praying for Sarah G

Last spring, my mom and I came to Sarah’s school to see her be a cheerleader at the last basketball game of the year.  Unfortunately, Sarah did not want to participate and screamed and cried the entire time.  I felt bad for her that she wasn’t able to enjoy the festivities but my eyes were drawn to the court and I was transfixed to what I witnessed.

The city’s public high school varsity basketball team was our opponent for this last game.  It was a big game.   The stands were packed with parents from both teams.  Our cheerleaders were lined up on one side of the court, the public high school varsity cheerleaders were on the other.  Then the game started and it quickly became apparent what was happening and my heart melted.

The varsity players with all their talent showed such kindness to our autistic teens.  They did not…

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