The Notepad: A year of encouragement

Sarah has had a remarkable year!   The teacher and I pass back and forth a spiral notepad to let each other know about what is going on with Sarah.  David and I have seen such a dramatic difference in her and we know it is because of your faithful prayers!  Thank you!!

Here are some excerpts from the teacher (unless specified it is from me) this past year:

October 29: “Sarah had a good day.  We finished (decorating) our pumpkin and she didn’t want to leave its side.  She was so stinken cute!  (Teacher sent me a photo of Sarah doing her school work at the group table-instead of her desk- so she could be next to the pumpkin.)

November 12: “We had an assembly today, “Music around the World.”  Sarah really enjoyed it.  At one point she ran up to the stage and started banging on the drums!!  She waved her arms in the air and shouted, “Bongos!” then she went right back to her seat.  The performer asked everyone to applaud her because she did a great job and she stood up and took a bow!  It was awesome!”

December 2: My note to the teacher: “(This morning) she keeps yelling, ‘Good Morning, Freckles!’ to me (I have freckles).  She thinks she is so funny!  Slept better last night.

Teacher’s reply: “Sarah was in such a good mood.  She talked about you all day. 🙂  She kept saying, “Come on, Mama!  We got to go do the chores!”  Ha Ha.

December 9: Sarah was in a really good mood.  At one point she jumped up from her chair and screamed “Mom!” and rambled on about your beautiful arms. 🙂  Have a good night.

(She loves my arms; I don’t know why!  They are NOT beautiful!!)

December 11: “Sarah did good today.  Just a little sassy when we played bingo-she was cheating!  ha ha”

December 17: “Sarah had a great day. We had winter carnival-lots to do and see.  NO tears or whimpers all day! Not once!  Whoop Whoop!”

January 23: My note to the teacher: “Good night overall.  Screamed last night-hasn’t done that in a long time.  She was mad.”

Teacher’s reply:  “Sarah had a really good day.  I asked her if she screamed last night and she said, “Yes, I screamed in the house.  I’m amazing!”

March 4: “Sarah has been doing a fantastic job here at school.  The Behavior Specialist came to me to ask my opinion about Sarah’s behavior plan, if it is still needed or not.  Sarah is easily redirected and when she does start to cry she takes out the family photo and is happy to see the faces and sings.  The data shows her crying is at a minimal and does not go beyond 15 minutes.  I am surprised if it lasts a minute!  She has only dropped to the floor once for me and does not pick her nose.  She even transitions with ease from one subject to another or room to room without a problem…we are all so very proud of Sarah.”

April 15:  “Sarah had a really good day today.  We went outside for a while and she was practicing her dance moves! You rock, Sarah”

April 23: “Real good day.  Very happy.  She is doing so good.  She used to tell me ‘no’ when I asked her to do laps (they walk the hallways around the school), but now she asks for them!”

May 8:  “Sarah had a great week.  She has been talking a lot about Daddy today.  I asked her if Daddy has pretty hands and arms!  She laughed so hard! 🙂

My reply:  “All weekend she said he did (have pretty hands and arms) and I said, ‘Hey it’s Mother’s Day, not Father’s Day!’ and she would laugh!”

May 19:  “Sarah had a really good day.  One of the boys was having a hard time…and was upset and started to act out.  Sarah said, “Suck it up and be a man!” lol She is so funny!  She was also saying, ‘Time for worky worky, don’t be a turkey.’”

As you can see, Sarah talks a lot more at school than ever before (and much more than she does at home!).  This past year we are seeing such positive behavior that we have not seen in a very long time!

Answer me when I call to You, O my righteous God.  Give me relief from my distress; be merciful to me and hear my prayer.”  Psalm 4:1

Praising the Lord for His mercy and for answering our prayers for Sarah!  It truly has been a year of encouragement!  Bless you for coming along side us on this journey!  Our hearts are overwhelmed and so deeply grateful that you would pray for Sarah and us!

June Praises and Prayer Requests are under the Praise/Prayer tab at the top of the blog-thank you for your continued prayers!


12 thoughts on “The Notepad: A year of encouragement

  1. Angela

    That was tremendous! Thank you for that really cute and fun glimpse into her school days! Left me in tears at how well she is doing! Praise God!

  2. Gayle

    Oh my goodness, the progress sounds astounding! Thank the Lord. and she is hillarious. She has the Butler humor. I’d like to steal some of her quotes like ‘suck it up…’ and ‘worky worky….’, but will give her credits. 🙂

  3. Pat Vess

    What an encouraging report!!! YIPPEEE FOR SARAH!!!! AND MUCH PRAISE TO OUR FAITHFUL GOD!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Always so blessed to hear every report!

  4. Thanks for sharing….You have been on my mind a lot lately so this was a blessing to read and encouraging to all of us…..God is good!!

  5. Sue Windle

    You have such a grateful heart to look at even the little things that Sarah accomplishes. Thank you Lord for the little things you accomplish in our lives. God bless you as you continue on this journey.

  6. veronicasimon

    She has a great sense of humor.
    She has a lot of great stuff going on in that little brain of hers. She sure loves her family and seems to like school a whole lot.

  7. Jane

    Jill, I’m reading this at 2:54 a.m., and I am so blessed to have this to read. It brings tears to my eyes to see how Sarah is progressing and the joys of her accomplishments. You are one amazing mom, and you have four amazing children.
    You and David both have lovely and cherished arms that embrace and hold the family tightly together. 💞

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